Placido Domingo Quotes

A collection of quotes by Placido Domingo.

Plácido Domingo is a renowned Spanish tenor, conductor, and opera administrator. Born on January 21, 1941, in Madrid, Spain, Domingo is widely regarded as one of the most significant and versatile opera singers of all time.

Domingo's career spans over six decades, during which he has performed in over 150 different roles and has sung leading tenor parts in numerous operas. His vocal abilities have allowed him to excel in a wide range of musical genres, from Italian and French operas to zarzuelas, oratorios, and contemporary works. Not only celebrated for his powerful voice and expressive performances, Domingo is also known for his exceptional acting skills, which helped him build an outstanding stage presence.

In addition to his incomparable singing career, Plácido Domingo has made valuable contributions to the world of opera as a conductor and opera administrator. He has served as a music director and conductor in some of the most prestigious opera houses and orchestras around the globe, including the Los Angeles Opera, Washington National Opera, and Covent Garden.

Throughout his extraordinary career, Domingo has received numerous awards and honors, including a record-breaking fourteen Grammy Awards, among many others. His unparalleled talent, combined with his dedication to promoting and preserving the art of opera, has solidified his status as a living legend in the world of classical music.