Shelby Foote Quotes

A collection of quotes by Shelby Foote.

Shelby Foote was an American novelist and historian, best known for his monumental work on the American Civil War. He was born on November 17, 1916, in Greenville, Mississippi, and grew up in the Mississippi Delta, which heavily influenced his writing style and subject matter.

Foote studied at the University of North Carolina before temporarily dropping out to become a writer. His first novel, "Tournament," was published in 1949 and received critical acclaim. Over the years, he published several novels and short stories, exploring themes of Southern history and culture.

However, Foote is most renowned for his three-volume narrative history, "The Civil War: A Narrative." This comprehensive work took over 20 years to complete and is considered one of the most authoritative and engaging accounts of the war. Foote's vivid storytelling and deep understanding of the conflict, combined with his meticulous research, earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated following.

In addition to his writing, Foote often appeared as a guest on television documentaries and served as a consultant on the Civil War miniseries by filmmaker Ken Burns. He also received numerous accolades, including the Jefferson Lecturer in Humanities and the National Book Award Finalist.

Shelby Foote passed away on June 27, 2005, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a highly respected author and historian who contributed immensely to our understanding of the Civil War.