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Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art is in no sense cathartic; it is merely a form of emotional masturbation. It is the rarest thing to find a player who has not had his character affected for the worse by the practice of his profession. Nobody can make a habit of self-exhibition, nobody can exploit his personality for the sake of exercising a kind of hypnotic power over others, and remain untouched by the process.

Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art is in no sens


In this quote, British playwright and essayist George Bernard Shaw criticizes the current state of dramatic art, describing it as an abusive practice lacking in cathartic qualities. Shaw suggests that it has become a form of emotional masturbation, where actors engage in self-exhibition and exploit their own personalities to captivate and manipulate audiences. He argues that this process negatively affects the character of actors, claiming that it is rare to find one who remains unscathed by the profession. Ultimately, Shaw emphasizes the potential detrimental effects of narcissistic self-display in the realm of dramatic performance.

By Aldous Huxley
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