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Those who actually set out to see the fall of a city or those who choose to go to a front line, are obviously asking themselves to what extent they are cowards. But the tests they set themselves -- there is a dead body, can you bear to look at it? -- are nothing in comparison with the tests that are sprung on them. It is not the obvious tests that matter (do you go to pieces in a mortar attack?) but the unexpected ones (here is a man on the run, seeking your help -- can you face him honestly?).

Those who actually set out to see the fall of a city or thos


This quote explores the concept of bravery and courage in times of conflict. It suggests that those who actively seek out dangerous situations, such as observing the fall of a city or going to the front lines, may question their own bravery. However, the quote asserts that the true tests of courage are not the obvious, expected challenges one may encounter, such as surviving a mortar attack. Instead, it is the unexpected tests that truly define one's courage, such as encountering a person in need and being able to truthfully confront them.


By James Fenton
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