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The best thing I ever learned from my dad was he knew he wasn't the best of singers, but he always knew he was a great entertainer, and I always thought that was a good concept to bring along, that ultimately acting is an entertainment art and you have to be aware of the fact that you want people to be excited to be watching you.

The best thing I ever learned from my dad was he knew he was


This quote emphasizes the lesson learned from the speaker's dad, who acknowledged his limitations as a singer but excelled as an entertainer. The key concept highlighted is that acting is fundamentally about entertaining an audience. It reminds us that regardless of our specific talents or abilities, the goal is to captivate and engage people by creating excitement and enjoyment. This perspective encourages performers to prioritize the overall entertainment value they bring, rather than being solely consumed by their technical aptitude in a specific area.


By Dean Norris
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