Quote by Susan Gilbert-Collins

We can't be friends. That never works. I'd have to be all careful and brave and pathetic, you'd feel guilty all the time and you'd start being nice in weird fake ways to make up for it.' She was starting to cry, but she felt free, she felt relieved as you can only feel when you have wrecked yourself on the rocks and don't have to worry about navigating anymore.

We can't be friends. That never works. I'd have to be all ca


In this quote, the speaker realizes that being friends with someone they have romantic feelings for would be futile and painful. They express their fears of being cautious and vulnerable while the other person would constantly feel guilty, leading to insincere kindnesses. Despite the tears, the speaker feels a sense of liberation and relief, as they no longer have to navigate the complexities of their feelings. It highlights the importance of acknowledging the limitations of certain relationships and the relief that can come from accepting and embracing the truth.


By Susan Gilbert-Collins
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