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Einstein is an analytical mathematician seeking to give a physical interpretation to the conclusions of his mathematical process. In this he is hampered by a load of contradictory and absurd assumptions of the school that he follows, which throws him into all manner of difficulty. Einstein has such a faculty for embracing both sides of a contradiction that one would have to be of the same frame of mind to follow his thought, it is so peculiarly his own. The whole Relativity theory is as easy to follow as the path of a bat in the air at night.

Einstein is an analytical mathematician seeking to give a ph


This quote suggests that Einstein, despite his brilliance in mathematics, faces difficulties in interpreting his own conclusions due to the contradictory assumptions of the scientific community he belongs to. However, it also claims that Einstein has a unique ability to embrace contradictory ideas, making it challenging for others to understand his thoughts. The quote additionally compares the comprehension of Einstein's theory of relativity to tracking the flight of a bat in darkness, implying that it may be complex and hard to follow for the average person.

By Jeremiah Joseph
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