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...And as for your hair!it's worse than ever.Can't you drench it in water to take those untidy twists and twirls out of it?''It only makes it curl more and more whey it gets dry,' said Molly, sudden tears coming into her eyes as a recollection came before her like a picture seen long ago and forgotten for years-a young mother washing and dressing her little girl; placing the half-naked darling on her knee, and twining the wet rings of dark hair fondly round her fingers, and then, in ecstasy of fondness, kissing the little curly head.

...And as for your hair!it's worse than ever.Can't you drenc


This quote from the book describes a scene involving Molly's hair and brings up a poignant memory for her. Molly's hair is in an untidy state and someone suggests she drench it in water to straighten it out. However, Molly explains that when her hair dries, it only curls more. This evokes a vivid memory of her mother lovingly washing and styling her hair when she was a child, with wet curls wrapped around her mother's fingers. This quote hints at the emotional significance of Molly's hair and the deep connection she has with her mother.

By Elizabeth Gaskell
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