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Could Hamlet have been written by a committee, or the Mona Lisa painted by a club? Could the New Testament have been composed as a conference report? Creative ideas do not spring from groups. They spring from individuals. The divine spark leaps from the finger of God to the finger of Adam, whether it takes ultimate shape in a law of physics or a law of the land, a poem or a policy, a sonata or a mechanical computer.

Could Hamlet have been written by a committee, or the Mona L


This quote emphasizes the idea that truly remarkable and creative works can only be produced by individuals, rather than by collaborative efforts. It argues against the notion that masterpieces like Hamlet, the Mona Lisa, or the New Testament could have been created by committees or groups. It suggests that the "divine spark" of creativity comes from individual minds and can manifest in various forms such as scientific laws, artistic expressions, or even political policies. Ultimately, it highlights the unique and irreplaceable role of individuals in generating innovative and influential ideas.

By Alfred Whitney Griswold
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