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Human life is not some sort of race or game in which each person should start from an identical mark. It is an attempt by each man to be as happy as possible. And each person could not begin from the same point, for the world has not just come into being; it is diverse and infinitely varied in its parts. The mere fact that one individual is necessarily born in a different place from someone else immediately insures that his inherited opportunity cannot be the same as his neighbor's. The drive for equality of opportunity would also require the abolition of the family since different parents have unequal abilities; it would require the communal rearing of children. The State would have to nationalize all babies and raise them in State nurseries under 'equal' conditions. But even here conditions cannot be the same, because different State officials will themselves have different abilities and personalities. And equality can never be achieved because of necessary differences of location.

Human life is not some sort of race or game in which each pe


This quote highlights the idea that pursuing equality of opportunity in human life is futile because inherent differences in circumstances, such as birthplace and familial upbringing, make complete equality impossible. The author argues that life should not be viewed as a race or game, but rather as a personal journey towards happiness. The diversity of the world and its infinite variations make it impossible for everyone to start from an identical point. The pursuit of equality of opportunity would necessitate the abolition of the family and communal rearing of children, but even then, differences in individual abilities and personalities would persist, preventing true equality. Additionally, location differences further hinder achieving equal circumstances for all.


By Murray N. Rothbard
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