Quote by Nenia Campbell

I'd seen entire constellations of possibility I'd never previously been aware of, so blinded had I been by the bright, glaring stars of expectation. Freedom, I was beginning to think, had less to do with where you were, and was more about who you were trying to be.

I'd seen entire constellations of possibility I'd never prev


This quote emphasizes the transformative power of breaking away from societal expectations and discovering one's true self. The speaker acknowledges that they were previously blinded by the prevalent standards and aspirations imposed by others. However, as they break free from these constraints, they realize the vast array of possibilities that were previously hidden from them. The quote suggests that freedom lies not in a physical location, but in the pursuit of personal growth and authenticity. It highlights the significance of self-discovery and the potential for change and expansion when we challenge societal norms and pursue our own individual paths.

By Nenia Campbell
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