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The life of a plural wife, she'd found, was a life lived under constant comparison, a life spent wondering. Sitting across from her sister-wives at Sunday dinner, the platters and serving dishes floating past like hovercraft, the questions were almost inescapable; Who of us is the most happy? Which of us is his one true love? Who does he desire the most?

The life of a plural wife, she'd found, was a life lived und


This quote highlights the challenges and anxieties faced by a woman living a polygamous lifestyle. The protagonist realizes that being one of multiple wives means constantly being compared to others, and constantly questioning her own position in her husband's heart. The setting of a Sunday dinner with sister-wives further emphasizes the ubiquitous nature of these comparison-driven inquiries. It speaks to the complex emotions and insecurities experienced by those who live in plural relationships, as they navigate the delicate balance between love, desire, and their unique place within the family dynamic.

By Brady Udall
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