Quote by Charles Bukowski

and when love came to us twice and lied to us twice we decided to never love again that was fair fair to us and fair to love itself. we ask for no mercy or no miracles; we are strong enough to live and to die and to kill flies, attend the boxing matches, go to the racetrack, live on luck and skill, get alone, get alone often, and if you can't sleep alone be careful of the words you speak in your sleep; and ask for no mercy no miracles; and don't forget: time is meant to be wasted, love failsand death is useless.

and when love came to us twice and lied to us twice we decid


This quote reflects a sense of emotional resilience and self-preservation. It suggests that after experiencing love's deceitfulness twice, the speaker and their partner have decided to protect themselves by choosing never to love again. They emphasize their independence and strength, asserting that they don't need mercy or miracles. Additionally, the quote portrays a pragmatic approach to life, advocating for self-sufficiency, casual pastimes, and an acceptance of both the wasted and fleeting nature of time, the failures of love, and the futility of death.


By Charles Bukowski
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