Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca

I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes the recent stock-market crash, where they lost several million dollars, a rabble of dead money that went sliding off into the sea. Never as then, amid suicides, hysteria, and groups of fainting people, have I felt the sensation of real death, death without hope, death that is nothing but rottenness, for the spectacle was terrifying but devoid of greatness... I felt something like a divine urge to bombard that whole canyon of shadow, where ambulances collected suicides whose hands were full of rings.

I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes the recent stock-


This quote describes the personal experience of witnessing the chaos and devastation of a stock-market crash. The narrator expresses their astonishment at the loss of several million dollars, which they cryptically refer to as "dead money." The scene is depicted as one of despair, with suicides, hysteria, and collapsing individuals. The phrase "death without hope" implies a sense of utter hopelessness and decay. Amidst all this, the narrator experiences a powerful urge to expose and challenge the corrupt system responsible for the suffering, emphasizing the profound impact of the spectacle on their psyche.

By Federico Garcia Lorca
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