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There are men so incorrigibly lazy that no inducement that you can offer will tempt them to work; so eaten up by vice that virtue is abhorrent to them, and so inveterately dishonest that theft is to them a master passion. When a human being has reached that stage, there is only one course that can be rationally pursued. Sorrowfully, but remorselessly, it must be recognized that he has become lunatic, morally demented, incapable of self-government, and that upon him, therefore, must be passed the sentence of permanent seclusion from a world in which he is not fit to be at large.

There are men so incorrigibly lazy that no inducement that y


This quote expresses the belief that there are individuals who are so lazy, immoral, and dishonest that no amount of motivation or incentive can persuade them to be productive members of society. Instead, it suggests that these individuals should be considered morally deranged and incapable of self-control, and as a result, they should be permanently removed from society for the greater good. This perspective indicates a somewhat harsh and unsympathetic approach to dealing with individuals who display consistently negative behaviors and character traits.


By William Booth
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