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We need to theorize the meaning of beauty in our lives so that we can educate for critical consciousness, talking through the issues: how we acquire and spend money, how we feel about beauty, what the place of beauty is in our lives when we lack material privilege and even basic resources for living, the meaning and significance of luxury, and the politics of envy.

We need to theorize the meaning of beauty in our lives so th


This quote emphasizes the importance of understanding and examining the concept of beauty in our lives. By theorizing its meaning, we can develop critical consciousness and have meaningful conversations about various aspects related to beauty. These discussions can encompass our attitudes towards money, how we perceive beauty, the role of beauty in the lives of those who lack material resources, the significance of luxury, and the political implications of envy. By delving into these topics, we can gain a deeper understanding of beauty's impact on our society and work towards a more informed and inclusive perspective.


By Bell Hooks
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