Quote by William Shakespeare

O how wretched is that poor man that hangs on princes favors! There is betwixt that smile we would aspire to, that sweet aspect of princes, and their ruin, more pangs and fears than wars or women have, and when he falls, he falls like Lucifer, never to hope again.

O how wretched is that poor man that hangs on princes favors


This quote highlights the misery of relying on the favor of powerful individuals. It suggests that seeking the approval and support of the elite brings not only fleeting happiness but also dangerous consequences. Behind the smiles and seemingly benevolent demeanor of princes lies the potential for destruction. The quote compares the turmoil experienced in this pursuit to the intensity of wars or failed relationships. Ultimately, when one falls from grace, they plummet so deeply that their hope for redemption and a better future is lost forever, likened to the eternal damnation of Lucifer.


By William Shakespeare
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