Quote by John Foster Dulles

Peace will never be won if men reserve for war their greatest efforts, Peace, too, requires well-directed and sustained sacrificial endeavor. Given that, we can, I believe, achieve the great goal of our foreign policy, that of enabling our people to enjoy in peace the blessings of liberty.

Peace will never be won if men reserve for war their greates


This quote emphasizes the idea that peace cannot be achieved if societies prioritize and invest more in war than in peaceful endeavors. It argues that peace requires continuous and dedicated sacrificial efforts just like war does. The quote further asserts that the ultimate aim of foreign policy is to enable people to experience the blessings of liberty in a state of peace. This suggests that peace should be pursued with the same intensity and commitment as one would devote to warfare, in order to create a society where freedom and tranquility coexist.

By John Foster Dulles
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