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Selfishly, perhaps, Catti-brie had determined that the assassin was her own business. He had unnerved her, had stripped away years of training and discipline and reduced her to the quivering semblance of a frightened child. But she was a young woman now, no more a girl. She had to personally respond to that emotional humiliation, or the scars from it would haunt her to her grave, forever paralyzing her along her path to discover her true potential in life.

Selfishly, perhaps, Catti-brie had determined that the assas


The quote highlights Catti-brie's determination to confront the assassin who had deeply affected her emotionally. Despite the potential selfishness of her decision, she acknowledges that addressing this intimidation is essential for her personal growth and development. By facing the source of her humiliation, Catti-brie refuses to let the scars of fear and vulnerability impede her journey towards discovering her true potential in life. Overall, the quote emphasizes the importance of overcoming personal challenges and the lasting impact they can have on one's future.

By R.A. Salvatore
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