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Sem indivíduos, vemos apenas números: mil mortos, cem mil mortos, «as mortes podem chegar a um milhão». Com as histórias individuais, as estatísticas transformam-se em pessoas - mas até isso é mentira, pois as pessoas continuam a sofrer em números que são, em si mesmos, entorpecedores e desprovidos de significado.

Sem indivíduos, vemos apenas números: mil mortos, cem mil


This quote reflects on how large numbers can dehumanize and desensitize us to the suffering of individuals. Without personal stories and emotional connections, statistics become just abstract figures, lacking meaning and impact. While individual narratives have the power to personify statistics, it is also recognized that even these personal stories fail to capture the full extent of human suffering, as people continue to suffer in vast numbers that are difficult to comprehend. Ultimately, the quote challenges us to acknowledge the limitations of statistics and strive to see the humanity in every individual.

By Neil Gaiman
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