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Sexual satisfaction eases the stranglehold of materialism, since status symbols no longer look sexual, but irrelevant. Product lust weakens where emotional and sexual lust intensifies. The price we pay for artificially buoying up this market is our heart's desire. The beauty myth keeps a gap of fantasy between men and women. That gap is made with mirrors; no law of nature supports it. It keeps us spending vast sums of money and looking distractedly around us, but its smoke and reflection interfere with our freedom to be sexually ourselves.

Sexual satisfaction eases the stranglehold of materialism, s


This quote suggests that sexual satisfaction diminishes the influence of materialism by making material possessions and status symbols seem less important. When individuals are more focused on their emotional and sexual fulfillment, the desire for material goods weakens. The idea of the "beauty myth" is also mentioned, pointing out that societal expectations and standards create a divide between men and women. This manufactured gap fuels consumerism and prevents individuals from freely expressing their sexual identities. Ultimately, the quote suggests that prioritizing personal and sexual satisfaction can free us from the constraints of materialism and societal expectations.

By Naomi Wolf
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