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He shrugged. - They're just people - he said. - They're just doing what people do. Sir.Lord Vetinari gave him a friendly smile.- Of course, of course - he said. - You have to believe that, I appreciate. Otherwise you'd go quite mad. Otherwise you'd think you're standing on a feather-thin bridge over the vaults of Hell. Otherwise existence would be a dark agony and the only hope would be that there is no life after death. I quite understand.

He shrugged. - They're just people - he said. - They're just


This quote highlights the tendency of individuals to engage in ordinary human behaviors and actions. The character who shrugs emphasizes that people are simply acting according to their nature, suggesting a level of acceptance and understanding. Lord Vetinari responds with empathy, recognizing that believing this perspective is essential for maintaining sanity. He suggests that without this belief, one would perceive existence as a constant struggle and life after death as the only relief. This quote reflects the importance of accepting the inherent human nature and the role it plays in shaping actions and decisions.


By Terry Pratchett
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