Quote by John Forbes Nash

...the staff at my university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and later all of Boston were behaving strangely towards me. ...I started to see crypto-communists everywhere. ...I started to think I was a man of great religious importance, and to hear voices all the time. I began to hear something like telephone calls in my head, from people opposed to my ideas. ...The delirium was like a dream from which I seemed never to awake.

...the staff at my university, the Massachusetts Institute o


This quote describes a state of extreme paranoia and delusion experienced by an individual at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and later in the city of Boston. The person begins to perceive the behavior of others as peculiar and adopts a belief that there are crypto-communists present around them. These delusions escalate to the point where the individual perceives themselves as a person of profound religious significance and starts hearing voices in their head, resembling phone calls from individuals opposed to their ideas. This description highlights the impact and intensity of the delirium, making it feel like an endless and unsettling dream.


By John Forbes Nash
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