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It was very still. The tree was tall and straggling. It had thrown its briers over a hawthorn-bush, and its long streamers trailed thick, right down to the grass, splashing the darkness everywhere with great spilt stars, pure white. In bosses of ivory and in large splashed stars the roses gleamed on the darkness of foliage and stems and grass. Paul and Miriam stood close together, silent, and watched. Point after point the steady roses shone out to them, seeming to kindle something in their souls. The dusk came like smoke around, and still did not put out the roses.

It was very still. The tree was tall and straggling. It had


This quote describes a tranquil scene where a tree stands tall, casting its branches over a hawthorn-bush. These branches create a beautiful spectacle, illuminating the darkness with white stars. The roses among the foliage shine like ivory and stars, capturing the attention of the observers, Paul and Miriam. Despite the encroaching dusk, the beauty of the roses persists, serving as a metaphor for the enduring light and enchantment that can exist even in the face of darkness.

By D.H. Lawrence
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