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When we're the story, when we're part of it, we can't know the outcome. It's only later that we think we can see what the story was. But do we ever really know? And does anybody else, perhaps, coming along a little later, does anybody else really care? ... History is written by the survivors, but what is that history? That's the point I was trying to make just now. We don't know what the story is when we're in it, and even after we tell it we're not sure. Because the story doesn't end.

When we're the story, when we're part of it, we can't know t


This quote highlights the inherent uncertainty and subjectivity of our personal narratives and historical accounts. It suggests that while we may think we understand the story while we are living it, our perspective and understanding are limited. Furthermore, even when we retell the story, it remains incomplete and open-ended. The quote also raises the question of whether others, especially those who come after us, truly care about our stories and histories. Ultimately, the quote emphasizes the continuous nature of narratives and their ever-evolving nature, challenging the notion of a definitive ending.

By James Robertson
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