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There's some ill planet reigns:I must be patient till the heavens lookWith an aspect more favourable. Good my lords,I am not prone to weeping, as our sexCommonly are; the want of which vain dewPerchance shall dry your pities: but I haveThat honourable grief lodged here which burnsWorse than tears drown: beseech you all, my lords,With thoughts so qualified as your charitiesShall best instruct you, measure me; and soThe king's will be perform'd!

There's some ill planet reigns:I must be patient till the he


In this quote, the speaker acknowledges that there is a negative influence or bad luck affecting their life, represented by "some ill planet." They express the need to be patient until circumstances improve, represented by the heavens looking more favorable. Though the speaker admits not being inclined to constant weeping like women are presumed to be, they possess a deep and honorable grief that surpasses mere tears. Requesting the empathy and understanding of others, they ask for their thoughts to be guided by compassion, so that they can be accurately assessed and fulfill the will of the king.

By William Shakespeare
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