Quote by Jane Austen

Our time was most delightfully spent, in mutual Protestations of Freindship, and in vows of unalterable Love, in which we were secure from being interrupted, by intruding and disagreeable Visistors, as Augustus and Sophia had on their first Entrance in the Neighbourhood, taken due care to inform the surrounding Families, that as their happiness centered wholly in themselves, they wished for no other society.

Our time was most delightfully spent, in mutual Protestation


This quote highlights the joyful and intimate experience shared by two individuals, Augustus and Sophia. Their time together is described as delightful, characterized by the exchange of declarations of friendship and promises of enduring love. The couple has ensured their privacy by informing others in their vicinity that their happiness is complete within themselves, disregarding the need for additional company. This quote emphasizes the importance placed on their exclusive bond and the deliberate choice to keep their relationship distant from any unwanted disruptions.

By Jane Austen
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