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If at times I have thought myself unfortunate, it is because of a confusion, an error. I have mistaken myself for someone else... Who am I really? I am the author of The World as Will and Representation, I am the one who has given an answer to the mystery of Being that will occupy the thinkers of future centuries. That is what I am, and who can dispute it in the years of life that still remain for me?Said to Eduard Grisenbach, nearing his deathhttp://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/arthursc.htm

If at times I have thought myself unfortunate, it is because


In this quote, the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer reflects on his sense of identity and purpose. He suggests that any feelings of being unfortunate stem from a confusion or error of mistaking himself for someone else. Schopenhauer firmly believes that he is the true author of his major philosophical work, "The World as Will and Representation," claiming to have provided a profound answer concerning the mystery of existence that will continue to engage future thinkers. Asserting his significant intellectual contribution, Schopenhauer questions whether anyone can dispute his self-proclaimed identity and legacy in the remaining years of his life.


By Arthur Schopenhauer, from The To
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