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The view that the truth is one and undivided, and the same for all men everywhere at all times, whether one finds it in the pronouncements of sacred books, traditional wisdom, the authority of churches, democratic majorities, observation and experiment conducted by qualified experts, or the convictions of simple folks uncorrupted by civilisation---this view, in one form or another, is central to western thought, which stems from Plato and his disciples.

The view that the truth is one and undivided, and the same f


This quote highlights the idea that Western thought, influenced by Plato and his followers, believes in the existence of an absolute truth that is universal and applies to everyone and everything. This truth is considered to be independent of personal beliefs, culture, or time. It suggests that this truth can be found in various sources such as religion, tradition, scientific research, or the wisdom of ordinary people. This view emphasizes the importance of objective knowledge and the pursuit of understanding that transcends individual perspectives or biases.

By Isaiah Berlin
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