Quote by Walter Bagehot

War both needs and generates certain virtues; not the highest, but what may be called the preliminary virtues, as valor, veracity, the spirit of obedience, the habit of discipline. Any of these, and of others like them, when possessed by a nation, and no matter how generated, will give them a military advantage, and make them more likely to stay in the race of nations.

War both needs and generates certain virtues; not the highes


This quote argues that war cultivates specific virtues within a nation, particularly those considered essential for military success, such as courage, honesty, obedience, and discipline. These virtues, while not the pinnacle of the moral hierarchy, are identified as "preliminary virtues" that provide an advantage in warfare and help keep a nation competitive among other nations. The quote suggests that war acts as a catalyst for developing and reinforcing these virtues, emphasizing their significance in the context of national power and survival.


By Walter Bagehot
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