Quote by Martin Niem, From Uboat to Pulpi

What should we do? We have no wish to interrupt the destroyer's work of saving lives... But war is war and the people being picked up out of the water are soldiers bound for the front; soldiers who are to shoot at our German brothers... The question whether we are to perish in despair or defiance, or survive all trails with a live conscience, depends wholly and solely on whether we believe in the forgiveness of sins. This 25th January was the turning point in my life, because it opened my eyes to the utter impossibility of a moral universe.the source of this quotation notes: On 25th January 1918, Martin Niem

What should we do? We have no wish to interrupt the destroye


öller, a German theologian and anti-war activist, had a realization about the contradictory nature of war and morality. He acknowledges the dilemma of wanting to save lives as a destroyer (possibly referring to naval vessels rescuing survivors), but also recognizing that those being saved are soldiers who will later contribute to the killing of their German comrades. Ultimately, Niemöller suggests that our survival and conscience depend on our belief in forgiveness, implying that only through forgiveness is it possible to navigate the moral complexities and contradictions of war. This turning point had profound implications for Niemöller's perspective on war and contributed to his anti-war activism.


By Martin Niem, From Uboat to Pulpi
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