Quote by Robert Chambers

From year to year, and from age to age, we see [biologists] at work, adding no doubt much to the unknown, and advancing many important interests, but, at the same time, doing little for the establishment of comprehensive views of nature. Experiments in however narrow a walk, facts of whatever minuteness, make reputations in scientific societies; all beyond is regarded with suspicion and distrust.

From year to year, and from age to age, we see [biologists]


This quote highlights the tendency of biologists to focus on small-scale experiments and specific facts, which contribute to advancements in their field and serve individual reputations. However, it also suggests that this narrow focus hinders the development of comprehensive understandings of nature. The scientific community, according to the quote, often views broader perspectives with skepticism. In essence, the quote criticizes the prevalence of fragmented research approaches in biology, urging for a more holistic understanding of nature that goes beyond isolated experiments and facts.

By Robert Chambers
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