Arthur Henderson Quotes

A collection of quotes by Arthur Henderson.

Arthur Henderson (1863-1935) was a British trade unionist and politician who played a significant role in the labor and socialist movements of the early 20th century. Born on September 13, 1863, in Glasgow, Scotland, Henderson began working as an iron shipbuilder before getting involved in the trade union movement. He quickly rose through the ranks and became the General Secretary of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation in 1889.

In 1903, Henderson joined the newly formed Independent Labour Party (ILP), campaigning for workers' rights, social justice, and international peace. He was elected to the Parliament as the Member for Barnard Castle in 1903 and held various ministerial positions in the Liberal government, including President of the Board of Education.

Henderson gained prominence during World War I when he served as a member of the War Cabinet and was appointed to negotiate the armistice ending the conflict. In 1919, he co-founded the Labour Party, which aimed to represent the interests of the working class and promote socialist policies. He later became the party's Vice-Chair and subsequently the Chairman.

Recognized for his diplomatic skills and commitment to peace, Henderson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1934 for his efforts in negotiating the Kellogg-Briand Pact, which aimed to outlaw war as an instrument of national policy. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated rapidly, and he passed away on October 20, 1935, in London.

Arthur Henderson's contributions to trade unions, the Labour Party, and international peace efforts cemented his place as a respected and influential figure in British politics.