Azar Nafisi Quotes

A collection of quotes by Azar Nafisi.

Azar Nafisi is an Iranian-American author and literary critic known for her memoir, "Reading Lolita in Tehran." She was born on December 25, 1955, in Tehran, Iran. Nafisi grew up in a family that valued education and literature, and she developed a love for books from an early age.

Nafisi obtained her undergraduate degree in Western literature at the University of Tehran and later pursued her graduate studies in the United States. She earned a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Oklahoma and went on to teach at various universities in Iran before becoming a visiting professor at the University of Tehran.

In 1997, Nafisi was forced to resign from her teaching position due to increasing restrictions on academic freedom in Iran. This experience became the catalyst for her widely acclaimed memoir, "Reading Lolita in Tehran," published in 2003. The book recounts Nafisi's experiences as a teacher leading a secret reading group of young women, exploring the power of literature to transcend political and social restraints.

Since the publication of her memoir, Nafisi has become a prominent advocate for women's rights and freedom of expression. She has written several other books, including "Things I've Been Silent About" and "The Republic of Imagination."

Nafisi currently resides in the United States, where she continues to write and speak about literature, women's issues, and the power of storytelling. Her insightful works have received international recognition and have made her a significant voice in contemporary literature.