Bernard Meltzer Quotes

A collection of quotes by Bernard Meltzer.

Bernard Meltzer (1916-1998) was an American radio host, author, and psychologist who became renowned for his advice and counseling skills. Born in New York City, Meltzer developed a passion for psychology from a young age and went on to obtain his Ph.D. in the subject from Columbia University.

Meltzer gained widespread recognition through his long-running radio show, "What's Your Problem?", which aired from 1967 to 1993. The show became a popular platform for listeners seeking advice on a wide range of personal and relationship issues. Meltzer's warm and compassionate nature, combined with his psychological expertise, made him a trusted figure for many seeking guidance.

Aside from his radio career, Meltzer authored several books that focused on self-help and relationships. His most notable works include "What's the Big Deal About Other Religions?" and "Marriage: Dead or Alive." Through his writing, Meltzer aimed to provide practical advice, promote understanding, and encourage personal growth.

Bernard Meltzer's legacy lies in his ability to connect with people and provide valuable guidance during challenging times. His genuine interest in helping others, along with his expertise in psychology, made him a beloved figure in the world of counseling. Even after his passing in 1998, Meltzer's wisdom and compassion continue to inspire people seeking advice and solace in their lives.