Charles Krauthammer Quotes

A collection of quotes by Charles Krauthammer.

Charles Krauthammer was a renowned American political columnist, author, and physician. Born on March 13, 1950, in New York City, Krauthammer became one of the most influential conservative voices in the United States over the course of his career. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1975 and initially practiced psychiatry.

However, Krauthammer's passion for politics led him to become a highly respected commentator. His writings covered a range of political issues, and his columns were published in major newspapers nationwide. He also appeared as a commentator on various television news programs, including Fox News, where he became a prominent figure.

In addition to his journalistic pursuits, Krauthammer's interest in foreign policy and international relations resulted in his authoring of several books. Among his notable works are "Democracy: The Great Misunderstanding" and "The Unipolar Moment." He was known for his astute analysis and insightful perspective, often delivering incisive commentary and opinion.

Unfortunately, Krauthammer's exceptional career was cut short when he passed away on June 21, 2018, at the age of 68. His contributions to political discourse and his impact on American conservatism continue to be admired by many.