Christopher Marlowe Quotes

A collection of quotes by Christopher Marlowe.

Christopher Marlowe was an English playwright, poet, and translator, born on February 26, 1564, in Canterbury, England. He is regarded as one of the most significant Elizabethan dramatists and a pioneer of English Renaissance literature. Marlowe's exact contribution to the literary world is difficult to ascertain due to his early demise, but his work significantly influenced the development of English drama.

Marlowe completed his education at the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he displayed exceptional intellect and talent. His play "Tamburlaine the Great" (1587) gained immense popularity, establishing his reputation as a groundbreaking playwright. Marlowe's subsequent works, including "Doctor Faustus" (c. 1588) and "The Jew of Malta" (c. 1589), were known for their controversial themes, complex characters, and rich poetic language.

However, Marlowe's life was cut short when he died unexpectedly on May 30, 1593, at the age of 29. The circumstances surrounding his death remain a subject of debate and speculation. Despite his untimely demise, Christopher Marlowe left a lasting impact on English drama, expanding its boundaries and inspiring future generations of playwrights. His works continue to be studied, performed, and celebrated for their poetic brilliance and exploration of profound moral and philosophical themes.