Claudius Quotes

A collection of quotes by Claudius.

Claudius was born on August 1, 10 BC, in Lugdunum (modern-day Lyon), Gaul. He was the fourth Roman Emperor, ruling from 41 to 54 AD. He was the first emperor to be born outside Italy, as well as the first to be born after the death of Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire.

Considered physically weak and with a limp, Claudius was often sidelined by his family and mocked by his peers, leading many to underestimate his abilities. However, he proved to be a competent and intelligent ruler. During his reign, Claudius expanded the borders of the Roman Empire, annexing Lycia and Thrace, and adding Mauretania and Noricum as client kingdoms.

He believed in the importance of good governance and justice, reforming the legal system to provide fair trials for citizens. Claudius also invested in public works, including a major expansion of the Roman port at Ostia and the construction of an aqueduct and a new harbor at Portus.

Claudius had an eye for talent and surrounded himself with capable advisors, including his influential freedmen Narcissus and Pallas. However, his personal life was filled with turmoil. He married four times, with his third wife, Messalina, famously engaging in sexual and political scandals that ultimately led to her execution. He then married his niece Agrippina, who orchestrated his own poisoning in 54 AD.

Despite his tragic end, Claudius was known for his administrative skills and his contributions to the Roman Empire, earning a reputation as a good emperor, despite initial doubts.