Desiderius Erasmus Quotes

A collection of quotes by Desiderius Erasmus.

Desiderius Erasmus was a Dutch philosopher, humanist, and theologian, widely regarded as one of the greatest scholars of the Renaissance period. Born on October 28, 1466, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Erasmus grew up in a poor family but received an excellent education. He became a priest and studied theology, Greek, and Latin, which deeply influenced his intellectual pursuits.

Erasmus is best known for his works on Christian humanism. His most famous work, "The Praise of Folly," was a satirical critique of the corruption within the Catholic Church. Although he remained a devout Catholic throughout his life, Erasmus advocated for a simpler and more ethical form of Christianity, promoting the study of classical literature and a return to the original teachings of Jesus Christ. He believed in the power of education and critical thinking to bring about positive change in society.

As a prolific writer, Erasmus produced numerous influential works, including translations of the New Testament, treatises on education, and philosophical texts. His writings had a significant impact on European literature and religious reform, and he played a crucial role in the intellectual and religious debates of his time. Erasmus's ideas would later influence Martin Luther and other Protestant reformers.

Desiderius Erasmus passed away on July 12, 1536, in Basel, Switzerland. His contributions to humanism, theological scholarship, and his efforts towards reforming the Catholic Church made him an influential figure in European history. Erasmus's emphasis on the human capacity for reason and his commitment to intellectual inquiry continue to resonate today.