E. W. Howe Quotes

A collection of quotes by E. W. Howe.

Edgar Watson Howe, commonly known as E. W. Howe, was an American novelist, editor, and newspaper publisher. Born on May 3, 1853, in Treaty, Illinois, little is known about his early life. Howe began his career in journalism, working for various newspapers before becoming the owner and editor of a newspaper called The Atchison Globe in 1881.

Known for his sharp wit and satirical writing style, Howe gained recognition for his editorial columns, which covered a range of topics including politics, social issues, and human nature. His influential newspaper became well-known for its commentary on local and national affairs.

In addition to his work in journalism, Howe also ventured into the world of fiction writing. He authored several novels, including "The Story of a Country Town" (1883) and "The Mystery of the Locks" (1912), gaining him a reputation as a skilled storyteller and keen observer of human character.

Throughout his career, Howe remained an active participant in the intellectual and literary circles of his time. He was an acquaintance of prominent writers and public figures, such as Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt.

E. W. Howe's contributions to journalism and literature made him a respected figure in American society. He continued his work until his death on October 3, 1937, leaving behind a legacy of witty commentary and thoughtful storytelling.