Edward W. Howe Quotes

A collection of quotes by Edward W. Howe.

Edward W. Howe was a renowned American journalist and writer, born on May 3, 1853, in Indiana. However, detailed information regarding his life remains limited.

Throughout his career, Howe made notable contributions to the field of journalism. He was primarily known as the founder and editor of The Atchison Globe, a newspaper based in Atchison, Kansas. Under his leadership, The Atchison Globe gained prominence as a reputable source of news and information in the region.

In addition to his journalistic endeavors, Howe also showcased his talents as a writer. He authored several books, essays, and articles, the most notable among them being "The Story of a Country Town" published in 1883. This work highlighted Howe's keen observations and insights into small-town life in Midwestern America during the late 19th century.

Despite his achievements, details about Edward W. Howe's personal life and upbringing are scarce. The precise moments that shaped his career and the extent of his influence on journalism of his time are not well-documented. Nevertheless, the legacy of his contributions to the field of journalism and literature remains a testament to his lasting impact.