Edward Young Quotes

A collection of quotes by Edward Young.

Edward Young was an English poet and dramatist, born in 1683 in Upham, Hampshire, England. He gained recognition for his works that expressed themes of morality, spirituality, and the frailty of human existence. Young attended Winchester College, where he excelled in his studies. He later went on to study at New College, Oxford, where he achieved a Bachelor of Civil Law in 1714 and a Doctor of Civil Law in 1719.

Young's notable works include "Night-Thoughts," a series of poems that explored the contrast between life's transience and the eternity of the afterlife. This collection, published between 1742 and 1745, became immensely popular and earned him both wealth and fame. It is still considered his most significant contribution to English literature.

Apart from his poetry, Young also ventured into the realm of drama. His play "The Revenge" achieved considerable success and secured him a position as the royal chaplain, further enhancing his reputation in literary and social circles.

Edward Young remained active throughout his life, producing numerous poems, plays, and essays. He died on April 5, 1765, in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, leaving behind a legacy of introspective and deeply philosophical works. Through his writings, Young made a lasting impact on the literary landscape of the 18th century, influencing many subsequent generations of poets and writers.