Eliza Dushku Quotes

A collection of quotes by Eliza Dushku.

Eliza Dushku is an American actress and producer, born on December 30, 1980, in Watertown, Massachusetts. She gained prominence for her role as Faith Lehane in the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1998-2003) and its spin-off "Angel" (2000-2003). From an early age, Dushku showed a talent and passion for acting, leading her to secure her first film role at the age of 12 in "That Night" (1992).

Dushku’s breakthrough came with her portrayal of the rebellious slayer, Faith, in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." This role not only showcased her acting abilities but also gained her a dedicated fan base. Following her success in the popular vampire series, Dushku went on to act in various movies such as "Bring It On" (2000), "Soul Survivors" (2001), and "The New Guy" (2002).

In addition to her acting career, Dushku has also had success as a producer. She co-produced and starred in the Fox series "Dollhouse" (2009-2010), which further illustrated her range as an actress. Throughout her career, Dushku has been recognized for her talent, earning critical acclaim and several nominations for her performances.

Beyond her acting endeavors, Dushku is known for her activism and philanthropic work. She has been involved in causes such as human rights and empowering young girls, using her platform to bring attention to important issues.