Elizabeth Warren Quotes

A collection of quotes by Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren is an American politician, academic, and author, known for her progressive views and activism. She was born on June 22, 1949, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Warren earned a scholarship to George Washington University at the age of 16, where she studied speech pathology and audiology. Later, she transferred to the University of Houston, where she graduated with a degree in speech pathology and audiology.

After working as a special education teacher, Warren attended law school at Rutgers University and eventually began teaching law at several prestigious institutions, including Rutgers University and Harvard Law School. She became one of the country's leading experts on bankruptcy and banking law, advocating for consumer protection and fighting against financial institutions’ predatory practices.

In 2012, Warren won a seat in the United States Senate representing Massachusetts, defeating the incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown. During her time in the Senate, she has been a champion for affordable healthcare, income inequality, Wall Street regulation, and strengthening the middle class. Warren is well-known for her crusade against corruption and corporate influence in politics.

Considered a prominent figure in the progressive movement, Elizabeth Warren also ran as a Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential election. Her candidacy focused on various policies aimed at reducing income inequality, providing universal healthcare, and tackling climate change.

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