Emily Giffin Quotes

A collection of quotes by Emily Giffin.

Emily Giffin is a highly acclaimed American author known for her captivating contemporary fiction novels. She was born on March 20, 1972, in Baltimore, Maryland. Giffin developed an early passion for writing and literature, which she pursued at Wake Forest University. She graduated summa cum laude from the university before receiving her Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Initially practicing as a litigation attorney in New York City, Giffin decided to follow her dreams and focus on writing full-time. Her debut novel, "Something Borrowed," was published in 2004, quickly becoming a New York Times bestseller and propelling her into the literary spotlight. This remarkable success continued with her subsequent novels, including "Something Blue," "Baby Proof," and "Love the One You're With."

Known for her knack for creating relatable characters and exploring complex relationships, Giffin's works often delve into themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Her emotionally resonant stories have gained a loyal following around the world, and many of her novels have been adapted into successful films.

Today, Emily Giffin continues to write impactful novels that captivate readers with their engaging narratives and thought-provoking insights into human connections. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three children.