Etty Hillesum Quotes

A collection of quotes by Etty Hillesum.

Etty Hillesum (1914-1943) was a Dutch writer and diarist, best known for her extraordinary journals that provide a unique perspective on the Holocaust. She was born in Middelburg, Netherlands, and came from a Jewish family. During World War II, as the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, Etty's life was profoundly affected by the persecution of the Jewish community.

Etty's diaries, written between 1941 and 1943, document her inner struggles, personal growth, and profound spiritual journey in the midst of immense suffering. Her writings delve into themes of love, faith, and the search for meaning. Despite the horrors around her, Etty remained an optimist and believed in the power of individual transformation.

In 1943, she voluntarily decided to report for deportation, refusing to go into hiding like her family and friends. Etty was ultimately sent to Auschwitz concentration camp, where she died at the age of 29. Her diaries were discovered and published posthumously, gaining recognition as powerful testimonies of the Holocaust.

Etty Hillesum's writings continue to resonate with readers all over the world, providing deep insights into the human condition, resilience, and the capacity for hope in even the direst circumstances. Her remarkable story and thoughts have inspired many, making her an enduring symbol of courage and humanity in the face of extreme adversity.