Evelyn Waugh Quotes

A collection of quotes by Evelyn Waugh.

Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966) was a celebrated British novelist, journalist, and travel writer known for his satirical wit and sharp social criticism. Born in London, Waugh was brought up in a well-to-do family and received his education at Oxford University.

Waugh gained literary recognition with his debut novel "Decline and Fall" in 1928, which humorously depicted the absurdities of English society. He continued to explore similar themes in subsequent works such as "Vile Bodies" (1930) and "A Handful of Dust" (1934). However, it was with his novel "Brideshead Revisited" (1945) that Waugh achieved international acclaim. This captivating portrayal of an aristocratic Catholic family captivated readers with its examination of faith, love, and societal changes.

Renowned for his acerbic and sometimes controversial opinions, Waugh's writing often reflected his staunch Catholic beliefs and his disdain for modernity. Despite this, his sharp commentary and masterful prose made him one of the leading voices in 20th-century literature.

In addition to his novels, Waugh was a prolific journalist and war correspondent. He covered various conflicts during his career, including the Second World War and the Sino-Japanese War. His experiences formed the basis for his travel writing, notably "Remote People" (1931) and "When the Going Was Good" (1946).

Evelyn Waugh's works continue to be appreciated for their wit, social commentary, and exploration of the moral aspects of human behavior. His distinctive style in both fiction and non-fiction works remains influential in the literary world today.