Francis of Assisi Quotes

A collection of quotes by Francis of Assisi.

Born in 1181 or 1182, Francis of Assisi, also known as Saint Francis, was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher. He is renowned for his immense devotion to poverty, simplicity, and his love for all of God's creation. Francis was born into a wealthy family in the town of Assisi, Italy. As a youth, he lived a carefree and worldly life, but a series of spiritual experiences transformed him.

In 1205, Francis had a vision from Jesus Christ while praying in a dilapidated church, prompting him to renounce his wealth and dedicate his life to God. He embraced a life of extreme poverty, completely divesting himself of his family's possessions. Along with a small number of followers, Francis founded the Franciscan Order in 1209, advocating for a life of preaching, poverty, and charitable works.

He took his message to various parts of Europe, emphasizing the importance of peace, humility, and caring for the poor and marginalized. His gentle and compassionate nature endeared him to people from all walks of life, and his teachings soon gained popularity.

Francis was known for his close connection with nature and animals, delivering sermons to them and often referred to as the patron saint of ecology. His spiritual journey was marked by a profound sense of brotherhood with all of God's creation, which led him to write the Canticle of the Creatures, praising the beauty of the natural world.

Francis of Assisi died in 1226 in the Porziuncola, the small chapel he had lovingly restored, leaving behind a legacy of humility, poverty, and love for all living beings. Today, he holds a revered place in the Catholic Church and is celebrated as one of the most beloved saints in history.