Francis Parker Yockey Quotes

A collection of quotes by Francis Parker Yockey.

Francis Parker Yockey was an American political philosopher and attorney, born on September 18, 1917, in Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for his controversial book, "Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics," published in 1948. Yockey's work synthesized various perspectives, including Spenglerian cyclical theory, Nietzschean philosophy, and fascist ideology.

Yockey's life is shrouded in mystery, as he adopted numerous pseudonyms and traveled extensively throughout Europe following World War II. He aligned himself with various right-wing movements and figures, including the European New Right and influential figures such as German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

Although Yockey's ideas gained a degree of popularity among far-right circles in Europe and the United States, he remained a highly controversial and divisive figure. His writings were often labeled as anti-democratic and racist due to his advocacy for a European ethnostate and his rejection of liberal democratic values.

Yockey's exact fate remains unclear. Some reports suggest that he was arrested for passport violations in 1960 and died by suicide in his jail cell, while others claim he may have escaped custody and continued to travel under new identities. Despite the controversies surrounding his life and beliefs, Yockey's work continues to be studied and discussed within the realm of political philosophy.