Frank Langella Quotes

A collection of quotes by Frank Langella.

Frank Langella is an American stage and screen actor, born on January 1, 1938, in Bayonne, New Jersey. Langella attended Syracuse University, where he began his acting career before moving to New York City to pursue opportunities in theater. He gained recognition for his powerful stage presence and versatility, becoming one of the most respected actors of his generation.

Langella made his Broadway debut in 1963, and since then, he has performed in numerous notable productions, including "The Father," "Frost/Nixon," and "King Lear," earning critical acclaim and several Tony Awards throughout his career. His work on stage spans a wide range of genres, portraying characters from Shakespearean royalty to real-life political figures.

In addition to theater, Langella has also made a successful transition to film and television. He appeared in notable movies such as "Dracula" (1979), "Superman Returns" (2006), and "Frost/Nixon" (2008), for which he received an Academy Award nomination. He has also made appearances on television shows like "The Americans" and "Unscripted," further showcasing his talent and versatility.

Known for his commanding presence and ability to fully immerse himself in a character, Frank Langella has established himself as a formidable force in the world of acting, leaving a lasting legacy in both theater and film.